Embassy Legalisation

  • All Embassies and Consulates in Australia require any document submitted to them for legalisation to be authenticated by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade by way of an Authentication Certificate (click link below to view sample copy) stamped onto or attached to the particular document to be legalised.
  • Embassies and Consulates charge fees for legalising documents and these fees must be paid you. Embassies or Consulates have differing fees to each other. Many Embassies and Consulates even have different fees for different documents… for example for “private” documents or “commercial” documents (usually higher).
  • Here is a list of popular Embassy / Consular Australian websites providing information about their fees payable for legalisations / attestations undertaken by them…
  • If unsure of an Embassy / Consular fee payable, we invite you to contact our office by email on contactus@apostille.com.au to ascertain current Embassy or Consulate fees payable in your particular case and then you can complete the payment option in the Form below.
  • Some foreign countries do not have Embassies/Consulates in Australia and for those that don’t, our standard legalisation fee of $350.00 per document does not apply as additional services may be required including overseas couriering to and from. Furthermore, some Embassies/Consulates located in Australia have burdensome, time consuming requirements or constraints that require extra time, effort and expense and for those countries also, our standard fee to legalise of $350.00 per document does not apply. (These countries include Peoples’ Republic of China, Qatar, and India).

We invite email enquires be made to us for quotes if any of the above circumstances apply to you, before use of our online order and payment facility below.

Document Delivery Instructions

After completing the online Order Form below, print it out, check for its accuracy, then sign and include it with your delivery to us of your original Australian public/notarised document/s requiring an Apostille Certificate.

If delivery is to be made by EXPRESS POST*, address your parcel to our postal address which is…

Apostille Australia Certificate Service
PO Box K 1328 Haymarket NSW 1240

If delivery is to be made by COURIER* address your parcel to our street address which is…

Apostille Australia Certificate Service
Level 1, 299 Elizabeth Street, Sydney NSW 2000

*We recommend you make use of express postal service or courier delivery of your parcel to us to ensure a speedy turnaround of your ordered service, as well as providing greater security and tracking facilities.

Embassy Legalisation Online Order Form

Only available for Embassy / Consulate legalisation services)

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Fees Payable (per document) in conjunction only with Apostille/Authentication Orders...

  • Verfication of Australian Public University testamurs/degrees/transcripts: $150.00 per University
  • Authenticate Certificate (including current DFAT filing fees): $300.00; all additional documents at $250.00 each
  • Embassy & Consulate legalisation/attestation: $350.00 plus Embassy/Consulate fees (email for quote)
  • Notary Service: $100.00 per document
  • Scan & Email Service: $50.00 per document
  • International Courier - Carrier DHL (outside Australia): $375.00 AUD, including emailed advice of tracking number
  • Australia Post Express Post (within Australia, size 500g | 20mm): $25.00 per envelope

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Required Document Services
Verification of Australian Public University testamurs/degrees/transcript ($150.00 per University)
Embassy Fees $90.00
Authenticate Certificate ($300.00 (including DFAT filing fees); all additional documents at $250.00 each (including DFAT filing fees))
Notary Services ($100.00 per document)
Legalisation Service ($350.00)
Scan and Email Service ($50.00 per document)
Return of Documents
Method of Document Return
Description of Document/s
Foreign Country Legalised Document Is Intended To Operate
Special Instructions
Total Cost (GST inclusive)
Document Services
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Apostille Australia Certificate Service

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