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Apostille Australia Certificate Service

{NSW Business Registration No:BN98282657}

Apostille Australia (Certificate Service) is a division of RED SEAL NOTARY Solicitors, Attorneys & Notaries Public.

TELEPHONE ENQUIRIES available only for urgent matters

Should you have any enquiries concerning matters the subject of this website, contact Michael Frederick Twemlow, Solicitor | Notary Public by EMAIL only on

A telephone advisory service is available strictly between the hours of 12.30 pm and 4.30 pm Monday to Friday and only for urgent matters. Otherwise, use our email enquiry service on the Home Page and an email reply will be received by you within 12 hours.

Telephone Michael Twemlow, Solicitor on (02) 9211 1881.

Street Address:

Street Address:

Henry Deane Square

14-18 Lee Street

Sydney NSW 2000 Australia


(Situated next door to Australian Passport Office and Encompass Credit Union)

Postal Address:

PO Box K 1328





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